Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Annual Atlanta Black Book Expo

What a day. From meeting, mingling and connecting with fellow creatives, to getting positive energy about my book's title, cover design and message, The First Annual Atlanta Black book Expo was a success for me!

I want to especially thank my amazing Sponsor Squad who made it all happen:

~ Carmen Steffens

~ Save Your Sole

~ The Savvy Host

~ shuzsociety

~ Pedisavers

~ The Sheek Life

~ Hair Stylist Ruth Hayes aka "Gigi"

Stiletto kisses to you all!


Philip said...

I am Glad it was a sucess for you we at the ABBE, LLC will continue to grow and be there for writers, authors and publishers such as yourself.

Philip Dawkins

styleandsubstance said...

Thanks, Philip! It was a valuable learning experience for me!