Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to Stand Tall In Quicksand

Who knew I could balance celebration and travesty at the same time?

In the midst of being full throttle in my Happy Dance on the release of my book, my beloved blog of three years - The Well-Heeled Society - is the victim of a cyber attack! Oy.

While I scramble to save my branding, affiliate accounts and sanity, I still revel in the fact that my growth has evolved into book author. So much so that I placed the order for the 11x17 display of my book's cover for book signings...

Obstacles, challenges, crashes; they will come when you least expect it. But the key is to keep your stance firmly rooted, even when it seems like you're thick in quicksand.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

GET THIS: Stiletto Wall Decal!

Here's a chance to have the best-dressed walls; book customers who order by 12 midnight EST Thursday, August 13th will receive* this stiletto vinyl wall art, courtesy of Trading Phrases!

Just imagine it placed right by your shoe closet, verfying your obsession with high heeled expressions. It is 4" in width and in timeless black.

Order your copy of How To Stylishly Fall From Grace today to get it!

*While supplies last

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Host a Book Club Pedi Party, Win a $50 Gift Certs!

Ah, Zoe. The elusive main character of my book. You may not be able to walk a mile in her shoes, but you can dig into the pages of How To Stylishly Fall From Grace! And what better way to share her journey than by hosting a book club party, complete with a little indulgence!

Here is the list of items you'll need:

~ A Footcandy Pedicure Kit Party Pack, which has the essential pedicure tools for up to 12 guests: pedicure flip flops, toe separators, nail brush, nail file and wood cuticle sticks

~ Plastic dishwashing bins (one per guest from the Dollar Store)

~ Towels (one per guest). Rolled spa-style, they become placecards within the seat of every chair. Tied with a satin ribbon, each towel holds mini bottles of non-toxic nail polish, like the Truth or Dare Zoya Nail Polish Fall 2009 Collections

~ Several pitchers of warm to mildly hot water

~ To make easy pedicure foot soaks from kitchen staples you already have, I suggest the simple recipes of Footcandy

~ But if you want to ensure your BCPP is the bomb, have on hand assorted Wild Woozle Fizzy Hydrotherapy Bath Powders, which are like pedicure bombs in a jar! Available in the scents of Coconut Lime, Margarita, Chocolate Mint Truffle, Mango Passion, and Mimosa Spa, each jar is equivalent to three bombs. Your guests can choose scents à la carte!

~ What's a pedi party without the diva du jour? Make sure to have at least one jar of Zoe's Secluded Beach Pedicure Scrub, aptly named after the book's main character! Disperse a small dollup per each guests' 'station', so she can experience the sensation of chocolate and pomegranate infusion!

Note: I suggest that appetizers and the first round of cocktails are served before the pedi party begins. The discussion of the book should take place while the guests are settled and soaking in the foot soaks/bath powders, or else you will have too many disruptions.

~ For refreshments, honey, it's all about the shoes! From High Heels, Ruby Slippers and Stiletto Cocktails, to Cinderella Mocktails, keep the martini glasses chilled and full! And what an added bonus if you could enlist husbands and boyfriends to act as garçons (bow ties optional!)

There will be a contest to see who has the most stylish BCPP, as I will be asking book clubs to upload pics from their events. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from Wild Woozle Soap Company!

So what's the first step? Ordering copies of the book for the club members!

Place your order for a signed copy below!


Shipping rates are for orders within the U.S.; if you reside outside of the states, please contact me prior to ordering for additional shipping rates.