Thursday, September 18, 2014

The NFL and Domestic Violence; It's Business, Not Personal

As one of the women who constitutes 45% of the NFL's fan base, Felicia Bennett can't be ignored.  Bennett wrote the book How To Stylishly Fall From Grace, which tells the story of a woman who heeds the warning signs of domestic violence.

"With the dominant color in the Baltimore Ravens' jerseys being purple, it's ironic that purple is also the color of domestic violence, " states Bennett.  The release of the videotape of Ray Rice violently punching out his then fiancĂ©e Janay brings domestic violence to the 50-yard line. Even more alarming is Janay Rice's rush to defend her husband.  It can no longer be deemed a business decision by the Ravens to let Rice go; it was personally offensive when they originally punished him with a two-game suspension.

This is an issue that the NFL is not new to, however. According to, the NFL Player crime stats reveal that out of the 32 teams in the league in 2012, 21 teams employed someone who had been charged with sexual or domestic violence on their roster.  Those cases just didn't go viral, nor did the league feel they would affect their bottom line.

"When it comes to women, prevention is the key.  Also, from athlete's wives and girlfriends to fans, my hope is to inspire women who are in an abusive  relationships, but don't feel they can't get out of their situation," Bennett confirms.

Simply put, the best defense is a good offense.
(PR Log, September 10, 2014)